Tony Galloway

There was a break in the rain this afternoon so I rode over to the old Abbotsford tram terminus to get a pic of the rail that’s become more exposed lately, where it curves to divert trams from running away into the Parramatta river. This was the up track, normally unused here as the terminus had a single trailing crossover a fair way from the end of track.

The down track is still there too, just better covered. The Abbotsford to Five Dock section closed in 1954.

First pic shows the end of rail, typical Sydney construction with what looks like 80lb/yd T-rail with a 40lb/yd check rail bolted to it. Second and third pics show the rail curving to lie alongside the concrete pad for 438 route buses standing at the departure point, with the location of the inside rail discernible under the bitumen.

The other relic is my Triumph, back on the road for a week after its unfortunate encounter last year with a reversing truck. It was good to take it out under a blue sky this arvo rather than under the rain clouds we’ve had all week.

Tony G

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