Re: Sydney trams trolley pole rope retractor?

As a further point on this esoteric subject, it can be observed that the trams specially painted for the 1954 Royal visit also seem to have been required to "dress ship", with the trolley ropes pulled into the cabs and tied off at the cleats. Here are some photos in evidence from STM and Noel Reed. Perhaps somebody has others?

Even after the tour was over and the crowns removed, naval discipline seems to have continued while the trams remained painted thus:

If I'd known all this when I volunteered at STM eons ago it would have saved me the embarrassment of fumbling that bow >:(

Tony P

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I notice looking through all the official publicity shots etc of the Rs and R1s, the trolley ropes are pulled inside the cab and tied off inside, so that was obviously the original design intention - subsequently mostly honoured in the breach!

Tony P