Adelaide [Was: Gold Coast trams at standstill with long delays after system failure ]
  Mal Rowe

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> ... saw a considerable level of patronage from Glenelg and Morphettville on Monday (public holiday, Adelaide Cup and Adele concert) not to mention the heavy commuter loadings out of the CBD on normal weekdays.


I'm with you Alex.
There's a limit to what one can know about a city from internet searches and Google satellite views!

Here's my pic looking South down King William St last Thursday in the evening peak.
104 sat at Rundle St for a couple of cycle changes while passengers squeezed aboard - and was pretty full when it arrived where I was, at North Terrace,

The Adelaide trams are well patronised, and do not 'swallow crowds' like a Melbourne E due to fewer doors.
Perhaps Adelaide might consider buying Bombardier Es rather than more Madrid Citadis trams?

Mal Rowe - who reckons that Adelaide trams need to be bigger and more frequent in peak periods

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