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Hi David,

My first picture of SAR Brill railcar 102 was on 27/12/52 at Ellen St , Port Pirie. Here it is in colour. It was the connection at dawn from Peterborough off the Broken Hill – Terowie passenger & sleeper train.

I had spent a few earlier hours at Peterborough train control with controller

J. R [Ralph] Renshaw while watching and listening to train orders being dictated, read back and underlined word by word with station names, train numbers and “engine” numbers underlined letter by letter. [Even in later diesel years, locomotives were always “engines” on the SAR where points are still “switches” and level crossing bells are “gongs”.] Picture of SAR NG Brill Model 75 Railcar 102.. Port Pirie. N F Reed.jpg

According to my old hand written notes [still to be digitised] the other picture of railcar 102 and van was actually taken before the above Port Pirie picture on 27/12/52 at Huddleston.

Noel Reed.

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At first I thought that these look like the Port Pirie to Peterborough afternoon service but then that used to run late in the evening and would probably during the dar most of the time. The earlier train was a school service to Gladstone but that had a trailer or two as well. So put us out of our misery plesae, which train is it and where is the second shot taken - Caltowie? or maybe Crystal Brook? Hmm on reflection (translated as I studied the background) it is neither of those, maybe Warnertown?

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Attached are a couple of pictures of SAR Brill railmotor No 102 for comment..

Noel Reed.


If one of the SAR Brill rail motors had the front radiator removed and a trolley pole fixed onto the roof, it could look acceptably similar to a USA interurban car.

Is it possible that some ‘cash strapped’ US interurban railways used Brill rail motors to avoid the expense of installing electric infrastructure ?

Maybe someone with skill at ‘Picture Shop’ could suitably ‘doctor’ a picture of a Brill rail motor.

Noel Reed.


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