Re: Gold Coast trams at standstill with long delays after system failure | Gold Coast Bulletin
  Matthew Geier

On 18/03/17 18:33,prescottt@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:
> Never a good promotional look when trams grind to a halt because of no 'lectricity, at least trolleybuses can skulk off on their batteries and put on a pretence of normality. Skoda has been putting batteries on their trams for a decade or so, sounds like a good example to follow.


The gold coast trams DO have traction batteries. I've seen one move out
of the dead end siding at the Broadbeach South terminus with it's
pantograph down (The wire doesn't go all the way to the end of the
siding). I even videoed it doing this. Never really been clear what
range they have in this mode. I would assume at best it's 'limp to next
station do that passengers can be 'detrammed' in a safe environment.

Bombardier marketing fluff doesn't even mention the Flexity 2 being able
to move with out an external power supply - 'wirefree' is only mentioned
in the context of their Primove inductive power transmission system.