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  Bill Johnson

Goodness Tony – this has been flogged to death for decades. Back in the 60’s a workmate bought a house about a km beyond the North Balwyn terminus as it was rumoured that the route would be extended. More recently, about 5 or 6 years ago it was Liberal Party policy in the State election and then 3 years ago the Greens pushed it strongly with meetings along the proposed route (to Westfield). Everybody seemed to agree but nothing ever happened. There have been two surveys re Doncaster Rail (to which i contributed and didn’t even get an acknolwdgement) but that, of course goes right back to the 19th cent – very old hat indeed. And for years I kept a letter from the State Premier (Hamer) assuring me, personally, that “my govt WILL build Doncaster rail “. The MMTB did possess a large site for a possible new depot but sold it.

Bill J

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Apologies for the third post, but my third general question to complete the coverage of electric transit potential in this corridor is that it seems to me that the Daft buses, if they're unable to lift their capacity game enough, would get a fair bit of help if the Baldwin North tram line were extended from its present terminus further east along the wide Doncaster Rd to Doncaster town centre - and even further east (stage 2?) to Donvale where there appears to be a decent bit of off-street space for a terminus at the start of Old Warrandyte Rd. Has this ever been considered?

Tony P