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I gather this is the NE corridor where the potential rail easement became a motorway, or at least one without a rail line down the centre like in Perth. Fantastic transport planning.

Feeding to the nearest rail (like Box Hill) wouldn't work I gather because, from what I read, that's already overloaded. Perhaps it's an issue with the DART/Smart buses?

Seventy people eh - they could fit on one 12 metre bus and definitely an artic. What's the problem? Keywords: "queue", "move to the back". Not looking so SMART perhaps?

Note to self - google photo of Smartbus:

Positives: great ramp.

Possibly pertinent matters: only 12 metre bus, only 2 doors, entry only by front door. Starting to look not so smart. What's the capacity? 100 in Europe with 3 doors, locally 82 in Perth, 58 in Sydney (thanks RBTU), what is it Melbourne? Why no artic (typically 3 doors, 110 passengers in Australia).

Enough information coming out here to start adding 2+2 together. Now I see why they're nicknamed DAFT buses. Lack of capacity and efficient passenger exchange perhaps chaps? It doesn't seem rocket science, why do they make it so hard when the (at least short-term) solutions are staring them in the face?

Tony P

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And the 61-year-old said there were now queues 70 people long to get onto
crammed buses to the city during peak times, leaving people lucky to even
get standing room......"The buses are way too full, they push you on, they tell us to move to the
back, it's terrible."