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  Kevin Taig

G’day Mick & Noel,

The drawings we have are only pencil on tracing paper and they are among the next to be scanned – I am not too confident about final quality.

They are more likely to be a stretched #13 or #15 as the #9s were built to accommodate the used 33” wheels from scrapped single truckers.

They were of course very similar to the Liverpool ones except I think for roller bearings.

As far as patents go, the single truck version was not in the Brill range only bogie ones.
But the design was virtually the same as a bus chassis, so what deemed the patents office to give EMB one is a mystery.

For the bogie version, there may have differences in the secondary suspension, the channel frame instead of a boxed on.
Also the Brill truck was a railway bogie whereas the #15 & relatives were definitely tramway bogies.
Any how they would not be the first Brill bogie to be plagiarised.


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Gday Noel

Yes. The No 8 is a stretched No 9 truck

Cheers, Mick

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Hi Mick,

Do you think that the M&MTB single truck diagram looks rather like the trucks under the small Liverpool UK double deck trams.

[See attachment].

Noel Reed.