Re: Diversion of rt 8/55 to Toorak Rd
  Geoff Brown

Preliminary works are underway at Domain Interchange and track relocation
in Toorak Rd West and St Kilda Rd is scheduled for mid year. So the
attached photos courtesy of State Library Victoria are worth a look. They
show the construction of the first electric track at the intersection in
1926 as it replaced the cable tramway. No hard hats or high-vis vests here.

The photos are rich in detail, including the destinations of two new W
class trams, the Hoadley factory chimney and the contractor’s name
prominently displayed. (The contractor appears to have commissioned the
photos.) I found they are best viewed by downloading the high resolution
TIFF files using the “handles” listed below.

The first photo is looking south along St Kilda Rd with Park St, South
Melbourne on the right.

The second is about 50 metres further south showing the disconnected Domain
Rd cable track.

The third is looking northward with Domain Rd on the right and Park St in
the background left*. *

The temporary track built on the western side of St Kilda Rd was a
forerunner of the more elaborate diversion planned for this year. Bramley
posted these planning diagrams back on 3 December 2016

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stkildard parkstsmelb 1926 slv  |  3186W x 2221H  | 539.53 KB |  Photo details
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stkildard domainrd 1926 slv  |  3155W x 2410H  | 534.99 KB |  Photo details
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stkildard park+domain 1926 slv  |  3164W x 2394H  | 531.71 KB |  Photo details