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There were delays to most of Thursday's posts. Yahoo has been taken over,
and Marissa Mayer has been evicted. She was responsible for the unwanted
changes which resulted in people fleeing from Yahoo in droves: most groups
have been decimated.


170316Th Metro Twitter - 1980 La Trobe St. (PTV).

170317F Melbourne 'Herald Sun': [all with tdu].
- Snowy.
- Nio Eve, electric futurology.
- energy.
- letters, Snowy & energy, plus the third airport.
- Hazelwood.

170317F Melbourne 'Age':
- 170316Th tram. (Malcolm Turnbull).
- Church St at Victoria St (Richmond).
- Webb Dock freight-link proposal.

170317F 'Sydney Morning Herald' - new Sydney tollroad?


Melbourne Express: Friday, March 17, 2017 .
7.44 There was also a crash at the corner of Victoria Street and Church
Street in Abbotsford this morning, which has since cleared.
A man was struck by a car just before 7am and has been taken to The Alfred
in a stable condition with facial injuries.
A photo taken from the scene Photo: Supplied .
7.07 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be doing an interview with Channel
Seven's Sunrise program shortly.
He just tweeted out a pic of himself on his way to Seven's Melbourne studio.
"Up early and on the no 11 tram on my way to join Sunrise on 7 to discuss
our big plans for Snowy Hydro - Malcolm Turnbull March 16, 2017 Someone in
Perth cycled nearly 7 hours for 200 km just to form a goat. Ryan Hiscox.
PM on tram: pic.twitter.com/ApeqwC1RdY.

Andrew Bolt: Taboos just keep us all in the dark. with tdu
Herald Sun March 15, 2017.

Metro Rail Project stirs up dust fears for North Melbourne car dealership.
Herald Sun March 16, 2017.
A PRESTIGE car dealer in North Melbourne fears dust and dirt from the
Melbourne Metro Rail Project will damage his luxury vehicle fleet.
Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars, which stocks Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis and
Bentleys valued at up to $750,000, is concerned about the potential impacts
during construction of the new Arden Station.
Mr Theodossi says his gleaming showroom, which includes his $20 million
stock, was a strong selling point for the display of his top end cars City
Square to shut for Metro rail works.
He says the massive construction activities over the next eight years will
attract a significant amount of dust, dirt and mud on roads around the
planned Arden St station.
While supportive of the transport improvements that the project will bring,
the renowned philanthropist is demanding that both the showroom and stock
must remain clean, dust free and pristine at all times.
Melbourne Metro Rail - Overview.
"Whatever is outside will get dragged into our showroom and being a big
warehouse an enormous amount of dust gets through it," Mr Theodossi said.
"The greatest thing for us is we will have to keep washing our cars.
"We're also concerned about the noise factor and vibration and the other
thing we are concerned about is traffic management.
"Say there is 1000 truck movements a week, there's going to be a lot of
"Of course any disruption is going to cost you customers."
Mr Theodossi says it was his understanding that the tunnel beneath his
showroom could be as low as 10 metres below ground compared to about 27
metres at City Square.
More trees face chop during rail tunnel build Any construction management
plans must ensure that dust, dirt, and debris is monitored regularly and
cleaning procedures are put in place to ensure minimal disruption to his and
surrounding businesses, he said.
The $10.9 billion Melbourne Metro contract includes the excavation and
fitout of twin nine-kilometre tunnels and five new stations at Arden,
Parkville, CBD North, CBD South and Domain.
MMRA spokesman Reid Sexton said proactive measures such as acoustic sheds
and wheel washers will be used to address concerns regarding noise and dust
in North Melbourne and elsewhere on the project.
"The Metro Tunnel will transform this grey industrial precinct in Arden into
a new community on the doorstep of the CBD," Mr Sexton said.
"We have been speaking to local residents and businesses for well over a
year, and will continue working with them while we build this massive
3> 10 comments, mainly cynical 'free advertising'.

March 16 2017 Port of Melbourne expansion could spark war with residents,
experts warn.
An elevated freight road could be built right through Fishermans Bends' new
suburbs to cope with all the truck traffic in and out of the Port of
The state government wants to boost the port's capacity and defer building a
second port for another 50 years, which will increase congestion in the
inner city.
The proposed road, called "Freight Link", would snake for five kilometres
from Webb Dock at the foot of the West Gate Bridge through Port Melbourne,
across the Yarra River and join with the Western Distributor, Transurban's
planned toll road.
Indicative maps prepared for Infrastructure Victoria show the freight link
running through Wirraway, an area the government has recently earmarked for
a future "family friendly neighbourhood" in Fishermans Bend.
The analysis by engineering consultancy Jacobs suggests the road will be
needed within 25 years, depending on the pace of growth of container trade,
and will cost $2.5 billion to build.
But congestion around the port is likely to increase to problem levels
within a decade "to the point where acceptable VicRoads conditions are
reached by 2026 in the peak".
Experts in planning and logistics said putting new roads and heavy truck
traffic next to suburbia was a recipe for conflict, as seen in long-running
battles between residents and freight operators in Melbourne's inner west.
"Planning needs to get much more sophisticated when it's dealing with these
intense potential conflicts between incompatible land uses," Jago Dodson,
RMIT's Professor of Urban Policy, said.
"If the port is going to intensify its operations and create increased
demand for freight travel . that is something that needs very clear strategy
and detailed consideration in terms of design so that we don't end up with
very poor outcomes."
Renders of the Fishermans Bend urban regeneration zone in Melbourne.
An artist's impression of Wirraway in the Fishermans Bend urban renewal
zone. Photo: Supplied.
The Andrews government last year leased the Port of Melbourne to a private
operator for 50 years, for the bumper price of $9.6 billion - billions above
what it expected to get. It now proposes to roughly triple the port's
capacity to between 7 million and 8 million shipping containers a year.
This will have consequences for inner Melbourne communities, the advice for
Infrastructure Victoria warns, including increases in congestion, noise and
pollution in Port Melbourne and the inner west.
"The possibility of the Port of Melbourne operating at two to five times its
existing capacity would place significant pressure on transport
infrastructure and reduce amenity for those living near the port," the
analysis states.
"If not managed appropriately, the negative congestion, noise and air
quality issues of port-related truck traffic may influence the decision
about when to invest in a second port."
Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas said last week that Victoria might not need
to develop another container port for 50 years.
Michael Kilgariff, from the Australian Logistics Council, agreed that
Victoria should extract maximum value from the Port of Melbourne and keep it
running for as many years as possible.
But he said the government's long-term plans to house 80,000 people on the
port's doorstep at Fishermans Bend would make this more difficult.
"We are concerned that a lot of the development that is being undertaken
around Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend doesn't infringe on the ability of
the [port] to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week," Mr Kilgariff said.
Moving more freight at night-time to avoid commuter traffic is seen as key
to reducing congestion around the port.
Freight Link could be built solely for trucks, or with rail, which would add
an estimated $900 million to its cost, Jacobs estimated. It would also solve
the problem of weight limits on the West Gate and Bolte bridges, where
trucks heavier than 68 tonnes are not permitted.

March 16 2017 Malcolm Turnbull to increase federal Snowy Hydro stake if NSW,
Victoria won't fund expansion. with tdu.

Liberal leader Steven Marshall reveals his plan to solve the SA power
crisis. with tdu.
Adelaide 'Advertiser' March 17, 2017.
2898dd58a3a85> 53 comments, quite mixed.

March 17 2017 Gladys Berejiklian commits to Balgowlah to Warringah Freeway
tolled tunnel .
The Berejiklian government's proposal for a tolled motorway tunnel linking
Balgowlah in Sydney's north to the Warringah Freeway has ignited a political
brawl over priorities for transport funding after Labor said its focus was
western Sydney.
Weeks ahead of two by-elections in the northern suburbs, Premier Gladys
Berejiklian revealed on Thursday the preferred route for the "Beaches Link"
project and that 71 property owners would be affected by preliminary work.
Berejiklian announces northern beaches tunnel.
The NSW government has committed to a tolled motorway tunnel linking
Balgowlah in Sydney's north to the Warringah Freeway in an effort to relieve
traffic congestion on the northern beaches. Vision courtesy Ten Eyewitness
Those owners - the majority of whom are in Artarmon and Cammeray - were to
be notified on Thursday, although the government said it was too early to
confirm exact property acquisition details. Other owners affected are in
Seaforth and Balgowlah.
"We are absolutely committed to building this piece of infrastructure," said
Ms Berejiklian, who had signalled the announcement weeks ago.
Ms Berejiklian, who conceded people had a right to be "slightly cynical",
declined to say how much the project would cost or when exactly it would be
opened to motorists.
The details about final costings, funding, route analysis and the timeframe
for construction would be released by mid next year, following up to nine
months of geotechnical investigations.
But Labor's transport spokeswoman, Jodi McKay, accused Ms Berejiklian of
electioneering and said people were justified to be sceptical given the lack
of detail about the likely multi-billion-dollar cost and timing of the
"The project hasn't moved forward at all. You can see [the announcement] is
timed for the byelections," she said. "It will be just another toll road."
The Spit Bridge, a lift bridge that spans Middle Harbour. Premier Gladys
Berejiklian has committed to a road tunnel alternative to the bridge. Photo:
James Brickwood .
While not objecting to a new link to the northern beaches, Ms McKay said
western Sydney was Labor's priority for roads and public transport because
"that's where there growth is and where you see significant deficiencies
around transport".
The Beaches Link project also raises questions about the government's
eagerness to push ahead with the proposed F6 motorway in southern Sydney.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian (right) and Roads Minister Melinda Pavey at Spit
Road in Mosman on Thursday. Photo: Kate Geraghty .
However, Ms Berejiklian said "we are committed to all of our major
Under the government's plans, the northern beaches tunnel will connect to a
planned "Western Harbour Tunnel" which will run underground to the
WestConnex motorway at Rozelle.
Ms Berejiklian said the Western Harbour Tunnel was "absolutely integral"
to the Beaches Link, and were likely to be undertaken as part of a single
The government will also begin "market soundings" with the private sector to
decide on the best way to fund and deliver the project. It anticipates
construction to take five years.
Mosman mayor Peter Abelson said the council wanted the tunnel link but he
questioned "to what extent it is a thought bubble three weeks before a
The government said motorists were almost certainly have to pay tolls to use
both the Beaches Link and the Western Harbour Tunnel once opened. The work
over the coming year will consider what motorists are likely to have to pay
in tolls.
"I am expecting there to be a toll - I'll be honest about that - and that
will be part of the funding solution," Ms Berejiklian said.
"If we had this conversation 30 years ago, I think the community would be
upset about a toll. Thirty years on, I think people expect when there is a
new piece of road infrastructure that they will have to pay for it."
She also foreshadowed that more property owned were likely to be impacted as
work on the project progressed.
Beaches Link will bypass up to 19 sets of traffic lights and reduce travel
times between Brookvale and the CBD by up to 40 minutes.
The announcement comes as campaigning ramps up ahead of the byelections in
the North Shore and Manly caused by the retirement from politics of Jillian
Skinner and Mike Baird.
Successive governments have for decades been promising solutions to road
congestion between Sydney's northern beaches and the central business
district via the Spit Bridge.
The so-called Beaches Link will cross under Middle Harbour and connect to
the Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation at Balgowlah. It will also involve the
upgrade of the Wakehurst Parkway to two lanes each way between Seaforth and
Frenchs Forest.
The government has set aside $77 million for geotechnical work along the
route, which will start just before Easter.
The work will take up to nine months in suburbs including Balgowlah,
Seaforth, North Sydney, Neutral Bay and Cammeray, and involve 235 borehole
NRMA said the $77 million in funding for preliminary work would start a
long-awaited process to bring relief to motorists and bus commuters.
"The endless delays experienced daily by residents along the Northern
Beaches is simply unacceptable. We need this tunnel to make it easier for
.... getting local residents home to their families on time each night," NRMA
local director Tim Trumper said.
The planned Beaches Link.
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The Bays Precinct, where the government plans a high-tech hub as well as
apartment development.
The Sydney developments to be prioritised by the Premier .

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