Re: Gold Coast trams at standstill with long delays after system failure | Gold Coast Bulletin
  Matthew Geier

On 16/03/17 12:52, 'Dudley Horscroft'transitconsult@...
[TramsDownUnder] wrote:
> Richard, I don't know but I suggest that the communication failure was control of all the sub-stations. ISTR that all the

> substations are controlled from the depot, and if there were a computer outage there, this could result in all the substations

> automatically shutting down. Hence no power, no movement.


If that's the case, that's poor system design. The substation should
just continue to perform it's task autonomously until a fault causes it
to trip. The substation should not shut down because it's lost it's
SCADA link.
And this wouldn't be a design oversight, some one would have had to
specifically put a loss of 'heart-beat' shut down function into the subs.




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