Trams at penrith
  Tim Boxsell

Hi Brian, took a drive to Castlereagh Rd this morning between Andrews Rd & the railway.I travelled  in a northerly direction first looking to the east.No sign of the Varios from the road. Then chucked a u turn & headed south towards the railway.  Went down a few side streets but no luck. I missed one side street near the museum of fire. There are 2 self storage places in that area, but don't think they're in there.Had a look at the Bus Depot even, no sign. They must be under cover somewhere.
2105, 2103 & 2106 ??  are hiding there somewhere (not sure if 2106 is still in one piece) 2101,2102,2104 & 2107 are still at Pyrmont according to a valuable contact.
Would love to follow one of these trams to it's ' new ' home if only I knew when it was going. 
If it was transported to Penrith on the same low loader that offloads the Urbos, it would have to be a fast trip. The Urbos unload at 2 am & are usually finished by 3.30 ish. Then to load a vario, secure it & drive out to Penrith before the ' curfew ' kicks in would be quite a task.Maybe it's not done on the same night. ? 
Any thoughts?
Tim, in Sydney. (where the sun is shining !)