LaTrobe Valley Tramways No. 2
  Andrew Cook

The State Electricity Commission of Victoria was responsible for power generation in Victoria up until the Kennett era of total stupidity.
Its main power stations were in the LaTrobe Valley, using the abundant brown coal deposits to work them. To transport the coal, electric tramways
(or light railways) were used between Yallourn and Morwell. The SEC maintained its power distribution system in excellent condition and as a side line
operated the three provincial tramway systems in Victoria (reluctantly).

Unfortunately, the tramway now no longer exists, thanks to the wonders of privatisation and a government that couldn't wait to flog off as much
of the taxpayer's property as quickly as possible.

The tramway was de-electrified and operated by a private company using second-hand diesel hydraulic locos. from Queensland, and later, ugly mining
locos. from Tasmania? which had trouble pulling the trains! A once efficient rail system was now dumbed-down to junk bond status!!!!!

Last I heard, road trucks are being used to cart coal. A conveyor belt system may also be in use.

Here are some photos of the tramway in the era well before Kennett brought in total stupidity!

The shots are all taken on 30 January, 1972:

04163_Loco 113 on a train to Yallourn on the Morwell River Bridge.
04166_Loco 122 on a train to Morwell passing under the Victorian Railways' Mirboo North branch line (also now closed).
04167_Loco 122, ditto, at the No. 11 loop near Morwell, waiting for a cross with another train.
04168_Loco 125 (to Yallourn) crossing Loco 122 at the No. 11 loop, Morwell.

Cheers, Andrew (who marvels at the stupidity of privatisation).

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