Re: -R1 class No.1958 with Brisbane Resilient Wheels.
  Dudley Horscroft

Re "NACO wheels" - what are these?

So far as Google is concerned, these are wheels at a place called NACO in Arizona. There are also alloy wheels suitable for four wheel drives - this is the Australian version.

I can find references to three types of resilient wheels - the PCC standard, the PCC Super Resilient, and the Bochum - of which there are several variants. Basically it seems that the PCC wheels have rubber sandwiched between plates so that the rubber is in torsion when there is a load on the axle, and the Bochum wheels have rubber between tyre and hub so it is in compression.

IIRC, the PCC resilient wheels can be identified by a large 'nut' at the end of the axle, presumably holding the outer plate in place, and when tightened compressing the rubber between an extension of the tyre towards the centre of the wheel and a similar plate on the inside, while the Super Resilient can be identified by a ring of 'nuts' around the edge of the outer plate, The Bochum wheels can be identified by a gap between tyre and hub in which it may be possible to see individual blocks of rubber. However, the Bochum wheels come in four variants, BO 54, 84, 2000 and 01 - all similar, while there is a "LORA" version which appears similar to the PCC Super Resilient.

There may be others, if so what?

See, for the Bochum wheels:


Dudley Horscroft
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Gday Noel

Brissy used NACO wheels,and so did the M&MTB before it built its own
resilient wheels

The NACO wheels had a large disc like projection behind the tyre which may
well have
fouled the high Sydney check rails as it only cleared the rail head-road
surface by about 1"

Cheers, Mick.

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> In 1951, two trucks as used on the later Brisbane 'FM' class trams were
> sent to Sydney for test under an 'R1' class tram.
> The trucks were fitted to 'R1' 1858 and it ran for some time on the
> Circular
> Quay to Sydney Railway Station service via Pitt and Castereagh Streets.
> They were much quieter than the regular No 13 trucks as used on the 'R1'
> trams but there were problems encountered with the operation of the
> wheels
> on Sydney curves which often had high check-rails.
> A picture is attached of 'R1' 1858 on the approach track to the Sydney
> Railway Colonnade terminus. Track in this location is now for departure of
> trams on the SLR route.
> For comparison, here is one of my pictures of a Brisbane 'FM' class tram
> with resilient wheels at Cavendish Road Terminus.
> Noel Reed.


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