Haymarket [Melbourne]
  Roderick Smith

It is a slow one to traverse for pedestrians, but the new work may not make
that any better. The majority of comments are hostile: the whole project is
being done for cyclists, not for motorists.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

From Sun.6.3.11 Melbourne 'Herald Sun'

Huge overhaul for city crash magnet
Elizabeth St roundabout is set for a multi-million-dollar overhaul.
AUSTRALIA'S worst roundabout is set for a multi-million-dollar safety
Traffic lights will soon guard every entry to Elizabeth St's notorious
Haymarket roundabout at the northern gateway to Melbourne's CBD.
VicRoads revealed to the Sunday Herald Sun it would spend the second half of
2011 fixing the dangerous intersection in response to figures showing the
roundabout had contributed to scores of injuries and crashes in the past 10
As well as nine new sets of traffic lights, the roundabout will get new bike
lanes, diversions of existing car lanes, pedestrian crossings, signage, two
scrapped tram stops and an upgraded tram stop.
The confusing intersection has eight separate entry and exit points for
vehicles, which compete with trams entering from three different points.
VicRoads regional director Nial Finegan said the roadworks, to include
resurfacing, had aimed to reduce the risks to motorists, pedestrians and
"These works will provide a controlled environment through the installation
of synchronised traffic lights to regulate traffic flow and improve the
safety for all road users, including pedestrians and bicycle riders," Mr
Finegan said.
VicRoads would not reveal the project's cost, but it is expected to run into
The upgrade has won the approval of motoring and cycling groups.
Bicycle Victoria spokesman Garry Brennan said: "All multi-lane roundabouts
are extremely hazardous for cyclists and this is the biggest and most
hazardous roundabout in this city. It's a crash-prone piece of road
RACV manager roads and traffic Peter Daly said improvements to the
intersection were long overdue. He said: "While we haven't assessed the plan
in detail, we expect VicRoads has.
"Traffic lights could very well be an excellent solution to the problem of
removing conflict between vehicles and simplifying the process of moving
through the roundabout."

* There should be NO roundabouts. Most people do not know how to use them
* as usual racv has dropped the ball,they dont seem to think it is their
duty to look after motorists interests,if they did this traffic hazard would
have been fixed years ago.they must now examine the plans and make sure the
design favors cars and trams,bikes can be carried across the pedestrian
crossings,if the racv did its job we wouldnt have these traffic destroying
bike lanes in east melbourne and richmond
* Vic Roads would not reveal the roundabout's upgrade cost, but it is
expected to run into millions. That is OK. The Government can pay for it
with the millions which it has collected in traffic and parking fines.
* better extremely late than never.
* There is absolutely nothing wrong with this perfectly functional
round-about. 20 years driving around Melbourne and I've never had an issue
with it. Trams are the one of the first major traffic hazards we learn about
when we get our licenses,so the smart people usually keep both eyes open
when they drive in the CBD. Its the silly twits that drive like timid
monkeys that make our roads unsafe.
* this is 25 yrs over due!!!!
* What about the similar ones on Mt Alexander Rd? At least one of them is
just as confusing, if not worse
* I know how drivers, trams etc contribute to the cost of this exercise, but
how in the hell do cyclists? I'm sick of these ignorant, arrogant fools,
getting what seems to be priority treatment on our roads. I just can't work
out how there going to put the fly overs, and clover leafs, in place for the
fool cyclist that don't stop now for traffic lights, pedestrians, etc. Even
foolish enough to take on trams.
* What would be better is to 50 to 100 metres before the roundabout is to
make the trams underground and have a "roundabout superstop". Now that the
trams and cars are separated remodel the roundabout with a smaller set of
lights that will allow the cars and bikes to travel through. There is a
smaller similar model at the hectic "St Kilda Junction".
* thing wrong with this section of road. Just slow down ,follow the rules
and look where you are going.
* Oh hoo-bloody-ray!! It beggars belief that it has taken this long - I
couldn't believe such a terribly designed intersection existed when I first
arrived in Melbourne 11 years ago - I've lost count of the number of times
I've seen pedestrians almost killed - to be fair the last thing you expect
having cleared the gauntlet of multiple lanes & tram lines is a pedestrian
crossing with no lights! Forward thinking there Victoria!
* A shared bicycle/pedestrian walkway should be easily accommodated in this
area. The footpath in this area is a very wide and this would be a quick fix
better than the current traffic engineering disaster.
* I use that intersection all the time and my answer to this is. If people
got into the proper lane before they entered the roundabout then there
wouldn't be an issue. I see so many cars changing lanes while driving around
the roundabout, no wonder there are so many crashes. Maybe these people also
should sit down with a road rules book to learn about giving way to cars on
the right or cars already in the intersection. BTW there is also a thing on
the side of the steering column called an indicator lever, people should
also learn how to use it.
* Let's just hope they fix it rather than band aid it with low speed limits
and throw a revenue camera up
* Every time Vicroads 'improves' something the traffic snarls up. A pox on
their houses. Sack them all and replace them with people who can actually
make the roads run again.
* It's roundabout time, it was fixed.
* Do we really need to wrap everything in cotton wool? I think that
roundabout gives the city character, much like the Arc de Triumph in France.
It's not that bad a roundabout. You've just got to keep your wits about you,
like you should be anyway. It's fun taking tourists around there and
watching the look of confusion on their face when they see cars, bikes and
trams coming from inexplicable positions. Ahh well. It's been fun.
* I love about Melbourne.... there's a problem... it gets fixed. It may not
please everyone, but it'll please most and it'll work. Adelaide has 1 by 5
entry roundabout that I have never had a problem with but it appears most
South Australians do... not a week goes by without some accident there. Fix
it? oh no, you can't possibly fix a 5 entry traffic junction, it's just not
done. No wonder this place is the backwaters.
* Nanny State - I use this intersection on a motorcycle almost daily. Yes
it's a bit 'dangerous' but it is manageable by competent road users. I have
seen plenty of rounadabouts over the years change to controlled under the
guise of safety, but they have never improved traffic flow. Traffic lights
means RED lights and delays. The roundabout at the southern end of the
cemetery in Carlton is a good example, and the other is the multi million
dollar reconfiguration at St Georges Rd and Merri Parade. Big waste of money
and increased congestion for no good reason.
* What the hell gives Bicycle Victoria any right to say anything regarding
the safety of roads, roundabouts, etc? When cyclists start obeying the road
rules too, as well as paying registration for the right to obstruct other
road users, including pedestrians, then and only then should they be allowed
to comment. Cyclists in Europe have to travel in much more congested streets
and r'abouts, etc, and the traffic is often moving faster than here. If you
want to ride a pushbike, deal with it and stop trying to bend us taxpaying
road users to your elitist, holier than thou, arrogance. If you want
something to comment on Mr Brennan, how about getting your fellow pedallers
to stop running people over on Beach Rd, et al?
* Is this photo transposed or something because the cars are going anti
* That's the answer, throw a few million Dollars at it! Then when there are
still a number of so called accidents (what are traffic lights for, but to
ignore) throw a few million more and make it a multi-level interchange. Just
don't EVER put the responsibility back on the IGNORANT, BLOODY-MINDED,
IMPATIENT motorists. It is quite beyond my comprehension, with their "bugger
you mate, I'm alright Jack" attitude, that many drivers just can't see
themselves as victims of their own stupidity, let alone the grief they may
cause others. Their complete lack of any sense of self-preservation is
appalling. Wake up people, the one you maim or kill, may very well be
* Total waste of money, someone in vicroads has obviously has just finished
his/her degree on traffic management and thinks its a good idea.
* Ahh dont worry the redevelopment will most likely have a red light camera
that will pay for road reconstruction I dont gamble but I will take bets so
any one what to start bidding ? Place your bets now while dividends are good
1 2 3 4 5 Every bet is a winner for the states revenue funds .
* Roundabouts carry far more traffic than any other kind of intersection and
they are very safe if they don't have trams going through the middle of
them. It would be nice if they started replacing the stop lights out on some
of the major so called highways with roundabouts and traffic would flow much

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