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  Noel Reed

Hello all,

A few Sydney contributions from the Voigtlander Vito folding 35mm camera of
Noel Reed loaded with the early slow speed Kodachrome 1 colour slide film.

1. 'O' 1245 (& 994) passing 'R1' 2046 near Grosvenor Street Crossover -
Bellevue Hill line. (Taken on Kodachrome 1 daylight film),

2. NSW Railways prototype electric locomotive 4501 at Sydney Central Station
en route on trial trip to Hornsby via North Shore line.

(Taken on Kodachrome 1 artificial light film with correcting filter).

These are some of my Kodachrome pictures taken in the early fifties.

Noel Reed. Still using a film camera.


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Loftus, March 1966, Sydney N-class car 748, recently painted externally, the
interior awaits attention.

Kodachrome II, in my father's Agfa Silette. I always got a surprise when I
got a fairly reasonably exposed picture on KII.


Don Campbell, who wished he'd stood-up to the years as well as his
Kodachrome pictures have.

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'O' 1245 & 'R!' 2046 Bellevue Hill line. N F Reed  |  1818W x 1228H  | 461.46 KB |  Photo details
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Elec Loco 4501 Central Station P17. N F Reed  |  1818W x 1228H  | 472.28 KB |  Photo details