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Subject: [eurotrams] Helsinki snow 2/3
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 11:12:50 +0200
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More snowstorm photos. All of these taken from Lasipalatsi (Glass
palace) stop on Mannerheimintie. These may be worse than Hamster
weather :)

1030564 features an extended Nr II on line 10 crossing the
intersection with Kaivokatu and Simonkatu (different streets left and
right) from the south. Quite a bit of motion blur here, but still felt
this represented the weather well. The tram should not be running
faster than 10 km/h, which is the speed limit for the track crossings.
It may be running a little faster in reality though.

In 1030566 another extended Nr II is stopped southbound on line 4.
Lines 4 and 10 are our busiest by far and both have a five minute
frequency in the peak. The extended trams will help with overcrowding
and allow us to consider moving some parallel lines onto a new route.
The tram right behind this one is an not extended. I think it is an Nr

1030567 is the last snowstorm shot with Variotram 233 on line 7B
southbound again. I had to run a bit for this photo as the tram
stopped rather late. You might just be able to make out that the front
door is actually on the ramp down from the platform. This is also why
the traffic light and pole are in the photo. This is one of the lines
we might reroute north of here.



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