Cable tram rail [Was: W2 283 and ...]
  Mal Rowe

On 14/07/2017 11:20 PM, Mick Duncankitbuny@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:
> Electric trams never ran on cable track as the track was to light,and the flangeways and 6 foot were too narrow



> New track was laid before electric trams ran


I have attached an original drawing showing the cable tram rail and slot beam.

Yesterday, at Bylands, I grabbed some pics of the rail and slot beam there.
It is material recovered from the streets.

One thing that's obvious to me is that the MT&OCo got their money's worth out of the materials - there's not much meat left on the rail and the slot beam shows the effect of many years of wear on the slot edge.

Mal Rowe - recognising that 'sweating the asset' is nothing new

rail-and-slotbeam melbtt blueprints

1096 x 800 339.34 KB

cable-tram-rail bylands 17jul2017

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cable-tram-slot-beam bylands 17jul2017

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