The wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job - and a sense of humour
From: Mal Rowe

The subject line is what I reckon would be 'key selection criteria' for
a moderator of this group.
I certainly fail on the first two, but try to manage number 3.

From time to time I get complaints about postings - and those who post
Many are justified - topics like British trolleybuses, vintage motor
bikes and nude cyclists are well Off Topic.

I wrote to one listmember today about some of his postings and he
responded as follows:
"Tell the complainers to spend their time putting up their own good
material, and not complaining about what does go up.
I went to a fast-food joint with a tramway enthusiast.
He complained: he went there for a burger; he doesn't like hashbrowns,
and so they shouldn't be on the menu for anyone."

I agree with the first bit - the best solution to tipping the balance is
to post more *on topic* messages.

I generally don't moderate messages unless they are personally offensive
or racist (same thing actually).

I'd be happy to hear opinions from listmembers on this topic -
preferably *off-list *to ... and without
personal attacks on anyone.

Mal Rowe