Re: Canberra light rail pictures
From: Dudley Horscroft

I tried to get photos of this but every time there was traffic in the way! These are much better than I could get. Further north,
along Flemington Road, it looks even better.

When I left Canberra in 2003, Flemington Road was a two lane road with acres of grass land on either side. Virtually no housing or
other development as far as the horizon. Check out Google maps of Flemington road now, a dual carriageway with a wide median ready
for the tracks, and almost all the adjacent land now fully developed with shops, offices or housing. Poles for street lighting
ready placed in pairs for the overhead - see Street view - and according to my computer they may be already angled out ready for the
weight of the overhead to pull them upright.


Dudley Horscroft
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> Canberra action - forwarded from a TDU listmember who prefers to remain
> anonymous ...
> "Works are underway for the construction of the ACT Light Rail in
> Canberra.
> Here are some pictures taken on Sunday 12th March 2017 showing the works
> around Northbourne Avenue at Barry Drive, Canberra City.
> Pictures taken are looking north and south along Northbourne Avenue,
> together with a closer up view of the fencing showing some of the
> messaging, including a picture of a light rail vehicle with destination,
> "Gungahlin", and a statement that the system will open in 2018.
> Works so far have included fencing, clearing of the median and removal
> of the median trees for several blocks, as seen in the picture looking
> north.
> Works are proceeding further north along Northbourne Avenue to remove
> more trees.
> This area's name brings back memories for me of Traction Publications,
> whose postal address was "Canberra City".
> Jack Richardson would I think have enjoyed this time now in Canberra,
> with the construction of the light rail underway. "
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